Thursday, October 22, 2009

Naptime disaster

Here is Owen, ready to go down for a nap... (this was taken awhile ago, but you get the point.)
What a sweet boy!

And this is Owen, 30 minutes later....NOT napping.

He deliberately took his pants off so he'd have more skin to color.
At least he didn't color the carpet.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Wonderful Wife (and Family visit).

Last night was pretty rough.  Owen wouldn't sleep and my patience was wearing thin.  After failing to get Owen to sleep at 3:00 A.M., Kristin stepped in to accomplish what I could not.  Today, while I fight off sleeping in class, I really started thinking about all the things Kristin does for me and how much patience she must have with the two kids and dog at home.  To make my day seem even longer, I was looking at some recent photos of her that I really like.  I just wanted tell Kristin thanks for being amazing.  I love her very much.

This photo kind of sums it all up, crying baby, smiling Kristin.

Subsequently, I realized that I have focused too much on my cooking blog, and I didn't post the recent trip my family (parents, brother, nephew) took out to visit us.  We had a ton of fun going to the coast, going on a tractor ride to get pumpkins, going to an aquarium, and just hanging out.  Some of the highlights include:
  1. Watching Kelly eat a fish sandwich.
  2. Hanging out with my parents at the beach on their anniversary.
  3. Having a sneaker wave take me out along with Owen, Karter, Kelly, and Kelly's expensive photography equipment.
  4. Having Kelly and my Mom around to take many photos.  Both are really good and Kelly does it for a living.  None of the photos on this post were taken by me.
  5. Seeing sharks at the aquarium.
  6. Driving 6 hours to see Crater Lake, only to see snow and clouds.
  7. Eating the best french toast ever.  (Captain crunch french toast made by Kelly).
  8. Spending time with my wife and kids without a care in the world.
Here are some photos:

The man crew. (Blake, Karter, Dad, Owen, Parker)

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad


Owen hates the paparazzi. 

Really cool photo that Kelly took of a boarded up  store in rural Oregon.

Can Kelly salvage the photo equipment?

Ella with Grandpa.

Mom sacrificing a virgin pumpkin to the harvest gods.

*NOTE: My brother would probably like me to disclose that he would never publish many of these photos as they may not have been the best shot of the set.  He takes pride in his photography.  These are just the ones that I liked.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sitting around

Ella is just sitting around waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to get here. Blake's parents are on their way here right now, and I can just tell Ella is super excited to meet them. She is already getting so big! It feels like I just brought her she's 6 weeks old, weighs 8 lbs. 6 oz. and is getting more beautiful every day. Love you Ella Bella.

I haven't finished her room yet, but I thought I'd post a picture of her pretty wall decoration. My good friend, Heather, gave me some vinyl for my baby shower and said she'd cut out anything I wanted with her Cricut. So she helped me design this wall decor for her room. I still need to sit down and sew her bedding, but for now it's going to act like a throw for her crib.
Thanks Heather, I love it. (And thanks Angie for helping me paint!)