Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm a big kid now

Update: Owen has done really well moving to his toddler bed. Sometimes we have to walk in and remind him that he needs to be in his bed and not playing with his toys and he usually says "uh oh!" and runs and jumps back on the bed. It's pretty cute. Here are some pictures of his first nap in his bed.

This is what I saw when I went in to check on him. His room was clean when I put him down, so you can tell he was pretty busy.
Then I spotted a little foot.

Tonight Owen has moved from being a "baby" to a "big boy". He'll always be my baby, but he gets to sleep in a big boy bed now. Well...we'll see how tonight goes before I get too excited. Blake and I set it up and rearranged everything in his room, but I started wondering if having everything different was going to be too much for him to handle, but I think he did really well tonight. Luckily he's always been a pretty flexible kid, so I'm hoping this will easy for him.

Here's his "baby" room:

Here's his "big boy" room:Owen waiting for his song, prayer and kisses.

I took Super Nanny's advice and sat in the middle of his room and placed him back in his bed every time he got out. After about 15 times of putting him back in, he got the hint and stayed on the bed, but then he started to try to play with me and test me. Super Nanny says to be as boring as you can be. No making eye contact, no talking or anything really. So I sat there like a statue for 45 minutes (which FELT like 2 hours) until he fell asleep. He did some whining and some playing and he even fell out of the bed once, but he finally tuckered out. Hopefully tomorrow night will be shorter because it's Daddy's turn, and he might not be able to sit in the dark for 45 minutes without falling asleep himself! Now I'm just praying he doesn't fall out, get scared or wake up at 5 in the morning.