Thursday, September 16, 2010

Glimmering Light after the "Summer of Darkness"

Yes, there is life after the BAR exam. I did not collapse into a study induced coma. What once seemed to be an everlasting summer of stress and studying, (hence "Summer of Darkness") the Johnson's have emerged out the other side happy and free like Andy Dufrain and the Shawshank redemption. Here is a taste of what we have been up to since that day.

Shortly after the exam, I played in a golf tournament with my co-workers. I am pleased to have shot . . . a score that will remain unstated.

We then spent a couple weeks in Utah. While we were there we tried to fit in as much stuff as possible. Here are the highlights:

  • Kristin and I went to Lagoon. Kristin ran around like a kid in a candy shop. I got sick. (No kids!)
  • Kristin and I went boating with her parents. I got burned. Kristin got fried. (No kids!)
  • All four of us went wave running with Kristin's family. Owen loved to idle around the no wake zone and then hit the gas for 1 second at a time.
  • We went to Costa Vida. (Always a highlight).
  • Tree house museum.
  • Fat Katz arcade.
  • Street tacos in Ogden.
  • Plenty of dinners with my family.
  • Lots of visits with friends.
  • Hit some golf balls at Wolf Creek.
  • Hiking in North Fork Park with my family.
  • Thought we lost Parker the dog.
  • During a girls night, Blake and Grandpa did not equal one good mom. (Ella ended up in a dishtowel diaper, while Parker ate her poopy disposable one.)
  • Weber County Fair
  • Family Reunion with the my family.
  • Temple trip to Bountiful Temple.
  • Photo shoot with my family.
  • Photo shoot on another day with just our kids.
  • Ella's birthday parties. (One with my family, one with Kristin's)
We love visiting family. Here are a couple of pics. Any of them that actually look good were probably taken by my brother. Thanks Kelly.

Owen at Dallin's birthday party
Ella eating birthday cake at Grandma and Grandpa Eller's

Girl's Night Out

Owen and Blake sharing a corndog at the fair

Visiting our good friends, the Ipson's

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    When all else fails...

    ..clean your sink.

    Even if nothing else gets done today, my sink looks awesome!