Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Time Fun

I love the fall season, especially in Eugene. The weather here is just beautiful. We've been to a couple pumpkin patches, which I absolutely love doing, so I thought I'd share some pictures, mostly of Owen, with you.

Me and Owen at Johnson Farm with our Mommy 'n' Me group

Owen and his friend, Dallin. And no, we didn't mean to dress them to match, funny though.
Thomas, Owen and Dallin at Thistledown Farm picking out their pumpkins

Owen and Daddy
Almost walking!

We had a LDS Law Halloween party the other night, so we dressed Owen up in his gorilla costume and paraded him around, it was great...

...Owen did not think it was so great, he hated wearing his costume.Gorilla Owen and Monkey Dallin
I don't think he wanted to deal with wearing his costume, so he just fell asleep to make it go away. When he woke up at home, he started crying, like "Why am I still wearing this?".
Today was such a pretty day, so we headed to the park to take pictures of the leaves. Owen was having a blast playing in the leaves and Blake was having fun playing with the camera.

Try to ignore the nasty drool all over his cute shirt. It's inevitable that he will have a wet shirt in all pictures.Snack time

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend in Utah

We had the opportunity to go back home for a few days. The main event was Kristin's brother's wedding. We also celebrated Owen's first birthday (one month early) and his great grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. We have barely had time to rest since we got here. Here are a few pictures.

Kristin and Owen at Snowbasin

Owen's Birthday Party

Owen didn't even stop to play with his cake. He wanted to just eat, so we had to take it away before he ate too much.

Kristin and Owen at the Bountiful Temple.

Lynnsey is our wonderful new sister-in-law. She was a beautiful bride.

Dinner at the Timbermine for the 50th wedding anniversary.

Kristin's Grandparents. Happy 50th! They came in from Michigan for the weekend.