Friday, June 11, 2010

All Growed Up

After 11 years of use, I find it time to retire my old backpack.  Yes, I got this backpack for free in high school from the kindly folk at JanSport.  Yes, I believe those shiny straps on the bottom are for skis.  I don't ski.  It has been a great, albeit too large, backpack for 11 years.  No rips on the whole thing, except for where Parker ate some straps.  Luckily, she is in good condition, so she will spend her retirement going camping and going to the beach.  Relax blue backpack, you earned it. 

Look how tired she looks.

Enter, new brown bag.
No longer a student, I felt the need to use a bag that didn't come with an internal hydration bladder.  Going for something a little classier, I opted for this beauty.  Actually, this was a gift to me from my parents for graduation.  With sleek lines, supple leather, and triple gusset construction, the road looks bright for brown bag and me.  So when you see me flexing my skills in court or on the street, don't forget ol' blue that took me here.