Friday, July 15, 2011

So Ashamed

I am so ashamed it has it been so long since I've touched this thing. It's just so overwhelming to try and blog when I'm so far behind on my posts. I guess late is better than never.

A month or so ago, my mom came to visit us for a week so we took her up to the Rose Festival in so she could witness the full glory of Portlandia. We went to the carnival and let Owen go on a few rides. We basically had to beg and bribe him to go on the rides. For some odd reason, my children have always been terrified by anything that moves too much, like swings and stuff. So after watching other kids ride and promising all sorts of goodies, he finally gave in and rode the absolute slowest ride they offered, the canoe ride. I guess it's a start.

 We also got him to ride a truck ride once before he realized it was "too scary!".

Just one of the many fine specimens that downtown Portland has to offer.

Grandpa Rod came out to play with us for the weekend, so we took him and Grandma hiking at Forest Park and Silver Creek Falls. It was pretty miserable because apparently my kids hate the outdoors. They cried and whined nearly the whole time...arg!! But overall, it was a fun time.

We hadn't even started the hike yet and she was already whining.

Grandma's mustache

Yep, this is the face we saw most of the hike.

Blake ended up carrying them both at the end of the hike. What a man!

We spent one day walking all around Portland, watching the Rose parade and the dragon boat races. They were so fun to watch!

Sitting with Grandpa watching the races.

It was also fleet week which made Blake very happy. The line to get a tour of the ship was a hour or so long, so we had to just look from the sidelines.

Ella catching some beauty sleep.

We miss you Grandma and Grandpa!