Saturday, October 13, 2007

Here is Parker's new trick. It took us quite a while to teach this one but he does it really well now. It really gets funny when I get him to do it on the kitchen floor because he can't grip enough to roll. He looks like a fish flopping around he floor.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Hey everybody. The rain is starting to fall in Oregon. It has been consistently overcast and rainy for days. Time to bite the bullet. It feels nice to have cool weather though. Kristin and I are counting down the days until our little man comes. I can really feel him kick and roll. He appears to have attitude. We are still leaning towards the name Owen. Hopefully everything goes well.
Parker is working on being house broken. The trick is to keep him exhausted. Kristin takes him to a dog park near the stadium. He plays with another puggle named Duke. They have a lot of fun, which is good because then he will sleep. We took him to the tailgater at the Oregon/Cal game. Everyone wanted to pick him up and play with him. (We should have gotten a picture of Parker with the cheerleaders or mascot. That would be classy.)