Monday, September 21, 2009

A Short Vacation

We were fortunate enough to have our friends, the Nelsons, come up this past weekend for a mini-vacation. Being Ute Football fans, they couldn't resist a match-up with our U of O Ducks. Aaron and I went to the game sporting opposing colors. Despite the rain, fat-hairy-shirtless guy in front of us, and a loss for the Utes, we had a ton of fun.

To celebrate (or mourn depending on who you ask) we went to a local favorite, Papa's Soul Food. It goes down in history as the worst dining experience to date, not because of the food, but because we had 5 children under 3 at our table with 4 adults. There was a moment when all 5 kids were crying and pulling at dishes on the table. Heidi got maple syrup on her lap, and Aaron, a pitcher of water. Other patrons were certainly happy to be rid of the crazy people with too many kids. Chaos aside, I enjoyed my chicken and waffles.

The next day we went to the coast. At first the boys didn't like the waves because the water is so darn cold. By the time we left they were waiting for waves to come crash against them. They would just stand and laugh. Owen would walk straight out to the deep water if I let him. We also saw a seal swimming in the water just off the beach. He was there for about an hour.

We had a ton of fun. Having all those kids in one apartment for a few days was crazy. I've never seen such a concerted effort to make noise. Five kids, four adults, one crazy dog, and 1200 sq. ft. is quite the setup. Aaron and Heidi continued up the coast for a few days with their kids. I wish my schedule permitted us to go with them, but we couldn't. It was great seeing them. Here are a few pics.

Aaron reading to Austin, Zack, and Owen

Our little seal friend.

Aaron with the twins, Austin & Zack, and baby Gavin.

Together they will face their fears.

Zack waiting for the perfect wave.

Owen's best Baywatch pose.

The family.

Getting stuck in a porch.

Saying goodbye. I'm pretty sure Owen would have left with them if we let him.

Thanks Aaron and Heidi, it was a great trip.