Sunday, August 31, 2008

Parker Takes A Swim

Every fall one of the local pools allows dogs to come swim the day before they drain the water for the season. We decided it would be a good opportunity for Parker to learn to enjoy water. I know what you are all thinking, I better be up on my vaccinations, right? We made sure we were there first so we weren't swimming in dog broth. And for all you sickos out there, no we did not make Owen swim with the dogs. In fact our friends were nice enough to take him for a couple of hours. Actually, there were more humans in the pool than dogs, hardly any of the dogs wanted to get in.

It was really fun. Parker doesn't like to be in water that much, but he took it with a level of maturity that you don't find among dogs anymore. There was the fiasco where he found the open gate and ran around in the parking lot for a while. Luckily neither man nor dog can resist the wonderful taste of Kraft American Cheese Singles.

Parker must have been swimming really well because a news reporter asked me about him. I was featured on the evening news talking about swimming with Parker. Now before you all rush to the phone and request an autographed dvd of my interview, I must remind you that this is local Eugene news and it was Parker that caught the cameraman's interest. (I don't think he mistook my crazy swimming for Micheal Phelps). That being said, I tried really hard not to look stupid on camera. Unfortunatly, the news station rotates their videos quickly and now I can't find it anymore. Therefore I have also posted our own Parker footage just because I can.

Our video footage.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Portraits

My brother was kind enough to take some family portraits for us. We are really happy with the way they turned out. Owen was being a little reluctant to pose, but with enough Gerber fruit puffs, any baby will sit still. Here are a couple of sample shots. Kelly does a lot of interesting things with photography. I recommend checking out Kelly's photo gallery.

The magic behind a calm baby during a photo shoot.

Just like daddy, he likes books with pictures.

The Whole Family (minus Parker)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Trip to Utah

I reserved a couple of weeks at the end of summer to go home and visit friends and family in Utah. We have had a really fun time so far. This vacation is far better than our winter break because Owen is older and Parker has been with my parent's dog ever since we got here. We've had more time to do the things we want to do. We camped one night, went to my cousin's wedding, had a photo shoot with my grandparents, rode Frontrunner down to SLC, went boating, hiked, and even went to a demolition derby. This coming week we plan to go swimming with nieces and nephews, barbecue with friends, and go boating again. We have managed to pack each day with something fun. Here are a few pictures from the past week.

Owen at the Demolition Derby with Nick and Lynnsey Owen and Daddy boating at Pineview The family swimming
Owen hanging out with his friends, Austin and Zack
We had a lot more pictures from our trip on my laptop, but Owen managed to break my screen and I had to ship it off to be repaired. We had all of our camping and hiking pictures on there, so we'll post some later assuming I get my laptop back.