Friday, August 31, 2012

Home Improvement: A Little At A Time

Update: This is another blog post that I started awhile back, so it's somewhat outdated, but I figured I'd still post it so you can see the various stages of our decorating/remodeling projects. I'll post a more updated version of the house soon.

We've lived in this house for approximately 8 months now, and I've been pretty slow in making it our own. You may or may not know that I am really, really, REALLY indecisive. I am so afraid of choosing the wrong color or wasting money on something I don't love, that it makes me freak out sometimes. Which is really frustrating because I end up not doing anything about it. You would think that it would be easy pick a paint color, but here I am, nearing a year in the house and it is still unpainted. I know painting is easy to change if I don't like it, but the actual act of moving furniture, taping, painting and cleaning up afterward makes me reluctant to do it too many times. Let's be honest, I'm lazy. But to my credit, I did paint the kids' rooms, so that was a start.
So here is my report of the house as we moved in and as it is now (which is not very different!), hoping it will inspire and pressure me to get my butt in gear and make this house a home.
First we'll start with the lighting fixtures. When we moved in, I immediately knew I would have to paint all the bright yellow polished brass in the house. Eww!
So after some Oil Rubbed Bronze and Frosted Glass spray paint they went from this:

To this:

I think it's an improvement, and it fit right into my budget of about $10 for paint, versus brand new lighting, that would cost a lot more. And I'd rather spend money on decor or furniture than lighting.

Here's a tour of the rest of the house and some random projects in the works.

Ella's room before:
Ella's room
Ella's room after:

Cute wall art
 Kitchen before:

Kitchen after: (We haven't changed anything in here yet.)
Bathroom before:
So white!

Building and filling wood planter boxes.

Filling the middle of the van with dirt and plants. I did put a tarp down, but I must have looked pretty silly shoveling dirt straight into my open van door. I need a truck.

 This is a little sewing table I scored at a garage sale for $1. I threw a little grey spray paint on her to make her prettier.
The rest of the house: All the "before" pictures on move-in day.
Big, empty room...we desperately need furniture.
I'd love to add a mantel to the fireplace.

Master bedroom
This is one of the most recent "after" pictures we have of the dining room/entry way. Still a long way to go.

Oh, the poor garage. 

Blake organizing all the food storage. 
These storage closets in the garage are so nice.


Heidi said...

Houses are so much work. I'm the same way with making decisions. Last year after living in our house for 9 years I finally made myself just buy some decorations.

BocaBabyLove said...

The house looks awesome good job

Thibault's said...

I love your posts